Coca cola sessions: Darrell Cole + TheColorGrey

Coca cola sessions: Darrell Cole + TheColorGrey

Two gems of the Belgian hip-hop scene!

Videos about Coca cola sessions: Darrell Cole + TheColorGrey

Two gems of the Belgian hip-hop scene!


TheColorGrey combines melodic song with ‘straight forward’ rap and laidback vibes. He presents a mix of hip-hop, new soul, blue jazz and urban pop.  

With his superb voice, thoughtful lyrics and elaborate vision, this ambitious Antwerpian was first noticed on the track ‘Night Slugs ft. Grey’ released by his younger cousin Woodie Smalls. TheColorGrey, we now can’t imagine the Belgian hip-hop scene without him. American rapper Oddisee was inspired by Grey’s dreamy beats and supplied a number of sharp raplines that resulted in ’Someday’. Earlier this year his well-received debut album ‘Rebelation’ followed up the EP ‘Do The Right Thing’. 

Darrell Cole
Darrell Cole and his younger brother grew up in Belgium due to political problems in their homeland, Sierra-Leone. His love of music became the only constant in his life. Darrell sought inspiration his surroundings and quickly developed his own style. His first mixtape ‘On My Way’ was the first result of that musical quest, followed by ‘Uncut Diamond’. 

In search of new inspiration, Darrell decided to swap Antwerp for Barcelona in the south, where he once again entirely dived into his music. Anno 2017: he dropped the single ‘B.O.A.T.S.’ that will be followed by an album.  

Oddisee, Woodie Smalls, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Blackwave, Ne*Yo, Drake, R. Kelly

Grey’s geheim? Zijn impressionante, laidback zangstem die soms wat aan de jonge Usher doet denken, aan r&btoppers, als Ne*Yo of - in de meest smachtende passages - aan ladykillers als Drake en R.Kelly.’
- **** De Standaard 

This shit is like a Larry Clark movie by way of Europe. And it's all soundtracked by a blend of music that sits somewhere between Joey Badass and Illmatic, with a banging chorus blended on top.
 – Noisey on  Darrell Cole’s first video clip ‘Take Me Away’

Wat ik fascinerend vind aan TheColorGrey is dat hij alles zelf doet. Van het producen van zijn beats, tot het schrijven van songteksten om die vervolgens al rappend te brengen.’ – Astrid De Sterck

Darrell Cole drukte zijn eigen stempel op de Belgische hip hop scene. Hij weet de perfecte balans te vinden tussen old school elementen en hedendaagse hip hop.’ - Astrid De Sterck

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