Intergalactic Lovers tips 3 concerts in AB

Those still hopelessly searching for the perfect gift for Valentines Day 2018: your prayers have been answered. On that day, Intergalactic Lovers will play the most loving show of their life in our Main Hall.

Already looking forward to that? We are too! But which shows are Lara Chedraoui & Co looking forward to themselves? This is their top three:

Nils Frahm - 08.02 en 09.02.18

“Discovered via his brilliant compilation for Late Night Tales. A master in creating his very own world, somewhere between classical and electronic. Apparently he hasn't performed in a very long time so there's a great deal of curiousity around his visit to AB.”

 Sleaford Mods  - 07.04.18

“Saw them at Primavera in Barcelona. The act consists of only 2 people, 1 microphone and 1 laptop. It looks so ridiculous that it becomes brilliant. It's as if you're at a pub in a British suburb.”

Ry X & Brussels Philharmonic Soloists - 25.02.18

“We were able to experience the splendour of a string ensemble while making our latest album Exhale. Really interested to hear how that will sound with the songs of Australian songwriter Ry X. Tracks like ‘Berlin’ are gems.”

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