RY X & Brussels Philharmonic Soloists

RY X & Brussels Philharmonic Soloists

Fragile electro-troubadour embraced by Brussels Philharmonic Soloists

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Fragile electro-troubadour embraced by Brussels Philharmonic Soloists

Australian electro-troubadour who, from a singer-songwriter perspective, deals in delicate songs doused with a subtle digital sound and the necessary melancholy. On debut ‘Dawn’ from May’16, Ry Cuming weaves indie-folk and electronica with airy, soulful song parts and he aims that combination right at your wistful heart. At Germany’s Puls Festival late last year he experimented with a complete symphonic orchestra (the Münchner Rundfunkorchester) and that went so well that he will be repeating this wonderful project in early 2018 in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, London and... in our very own Brussels together with the Brussels Philharmonic Soloists!

“He crafts malaise & misery into something darkly majestic. This is most notable on ‘Sweat’ and ‘Berlin’, when his warped, cracked vocal transforms these paeans of loss and heartache into something just short of transcendent.” – CLASH MAGAZINE

Bon Iver, James Blake, Fink, Sigur Rós, James Vincent McMorrow, The xx

Aside from RY X, he is also half of the deep house duo Howling. But on his debut ‘Dawn’ there is also a song titled Howling. And if that’s already confusing then you’ll be totally lost with his explanation about how the two projects are related to each other … “It’s like the periodic system: water is H2O, hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. You only have to add a particle of something else and suddenly it is something entirely different. They are comparable at an elementary level but the manner in which can be used is entirely different.”


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