Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods

BRDCST: An evening with/curated by ‘The angriest/most political band in Britain’

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BRDCST: An evening with/curated by ‘The angriest/most political band in Britain’

BRDCST is AB’s outstanding indoor spring festival spotlighting musical boundlessness.
The name is a direct reference to the retro futuristic electronica-pop of English band Broadcast that released inspiring albums like ‘Haha Sound’ and ‘Noise Made By The People’ over the past decade. Artists who feel strongly about musical innovation form the focal point for BRDCST. Our musical gut-feeling does the rest.


BRDCST may well be young, but a tradition has already been established: each year we ask an act that we admire to curate an evening and immerse AB in a specific musical mood. Of course, the artist in question also appears on stage too, to top it all off. In ’17 it was the honour of Forest Swords. This year the choice is Sleaford Mods.


‘Go and write a fucking decent song that says something about the state we’re in instead of buying into all this rock aristocracy bullshit’. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sleaford Mods or: a nice little piece of the advice that frontman Jason Williamson aimed at his fellow musicians, in The Guardian. Though we're not exactly sure if we should expect a response from compatriots Alt-J, Arctic Monkeys or The Vaccines.

They don't mince words with their furious mix of (post)punk, rap, rant and broken dance beats. The battle of Sleaford Mods is the battle of the working class and the battle against Brexit, as could be heard on their latest album ‘English Tapas’.

We're just as curious as you are to see what their radical best judgement will bring for the evening. The program will be made known in the coming months.

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