Tue 12.04.16


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After Royal Blood, the latest British rock & roll hype!

Liveurope concert:
The first pan-European initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote emerging European music.

VANT is no-nonsense British rock & roll with a whopping live reputation! The foursome around figurehead Mattie Vant is the latest hype on the other side of the North Sea and they now come to defend that title on the other side of the puddle too, with all their might and a peppered bite of indie-rock.

Each of their singles, including the thoroughly rocking ‘Parking Lot’ (currently being blasted over the ether by Stubru), was torpedoed to ‘Hottest Record In The World’ by BBC Radio 1 icon Annie Mac. Their latest ‘Fly-By Alien’ (via Parlophone Records – Rat Boy, Blur, Gorillaz) continues in the same vein as the super-tight garage-rock sound with which VANT is currently creating a frenzy. 

After fantastic shows with Royal Blood and an excellent visit to Groningen’s Eurosonic ’16, AB Club is clearly marked in VANT’s diary: to be played to pieces!

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Absolutely amazing this band is very very good
Really good young band with great physical presence and very creative & interesting tracks. Carry on this way guys - you are doing just great! Paul
Heerlijke jonge Britse honden. Garage rock power gecombineerd met 'nasty' maatschappij kritiek.
Lekker strak gedrumd en ferm gespeeld, jammer dat ze alleen hun twee 7" vinyls hadden en geen CD'tje, mp3,... of één of andere opname.
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