New-fashioned urban poets drop single ‘Frontal’ as forerunner for new LP!

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New-fashioned urban poets drop single ‘Frontal’ as forerunner for new LP!

Opinionated collective that wears its Brussellian heart on the sleeve and takes it all on with a socially-critical fileting knife between golden teeth.

Their meticulously constructed hip-hop universe expands again with brand new single ‘Frontal’ from LP n°3, supported by a 360° video clip that was put together by the visual wizards of Gogolplex. The rap scene in Brussels is flourishing like never before, and that feather is one that the new-fashioned urban poets of STIKSTOF can claim for their cap!


Brussel!, Roméo Elvis, Caballero & JeanJass, Opgezwolle, Tyler, the Creator…


According to STIKSTOF, 2015 was “het jaar van de natte poes” (interview in Chase) so what might the future have in store for them in 2018?

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