Sat 07.04.18

Sleaford Mods + Steve Ignorant (Crass): Slice Of Life + Nachthexen + The Lowest Form + Mark Wynn + Structure + John Paul + Jason Williamson + Sudden Infant + Nail (DJ)

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BRDCST: An evening with/curated by ‘The angriest/most political band in Britain’

BRDCST is AB’s outstanding indoor spring festival spotlighting musical boundlessness.
The name is a direct reference to the retro futuristic electronica-pop of English band Broadcast that released inspiring albums like ‘Haha Sound’ and ‘Noise Made By The People’ over the past decade. Artists who feel strongly about musical innovation form the focal point for BRDCST. Our musical gut-feeling does the rest.

BRDCST may well be young, but a tradition has already been established: each year we ask an act that we admire to curate an evening and immerse AB in a specific musical mood. Of course, the artist in question also appears on stage too, to top it all off. In ’17 it was the honour of Forest Swords. This year the choice is Sleaford Mods.

It’s No wonder that Sleaford Mods have invited musical friends and musically radicalised artists for their curatorship. What’s more, they pretty much all have a link to Harbinger Sound – the label of Sleaford Mods manager/boss (sic) Steve Underwood – that mainly deals in wonderfully brutal underground post-punk and experimental noise. Please welcome…

With their furious mix of (post-)punk, rap, rant and broken dance beats, Sleaford Mods doesn’t mince words. Their battle is the battle of the working class and the battle against the Brexit, as could be heard on latest album ‘English Tapas’ that made it into the upper echelons of the year-end charts in ’17 (Q, Mojo, Uncut, Rough Trade Shops...).

Crass – the collective established in ’77 by Steve Ignorant together with Penny Rimbaud – is and remains the most anarcho-punk band ever! Sleaford Mods not only owes a debt to Crass – check out: their musical rawness and working class ideology – they are also diehard fans. Steve Ignorant about Slice Of Life: ‘Impossible to categorise, the music is soul-baringly personal. It’s a mixture of songs and spoken word.’

Female quartet from Sheffield that is synonymous with an energetic chunk of lo-fi synth-punk.

Hardcore noise that makes our musical heart melt. That’s exactly why we asked Sleaford Mods to curate: to break down walls, not to colour between the lines. Tip #1: be there on time. Their sets generally only last for fifteen minutes.

Post-punk trio from Brighton with a wink to the anarcho-punk of the ‘70s. ‘The only era of music worth listening to’, according to Structure. With their latest self-titled EP, they hope ‘to raise the spirits of the weirdo punk in you’. Tip #2: be there on time. Their sets generally only last for fifteen minutes.

Wonderful DIY anti-folk with Sleaford Mods angle. Reminds us of the anti-folk of Jeffrey Lewis. Coolest track? ‘I Just Don’t Understand Nick Cave’.

Another Sleaford Mods mate, he was to be heard on their album ‘Austerity Dogs’. John Paul serves you hip-hop of the bolder kind.

Joke Lanz’ noise/punk/industrial/dadaist trio from Berlin operates on the borderline between performance, body art, improvisation and noise.

NAIL (dj/uk)
The alias of UK producer Neil Tolliday, who once hid behind the band Bent and gets his kicks from - even more – aliasses such as Talliday, Tallidam and Tolliday. Spins everywhere – before, during or after. Loosen those hips!


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Super concert, bon esprit. J'ai été surpris par l'acoustique, très "hall", mais le son sinon était top. J'ai beaucoup apprécié aussi l’absence de sorteurs envahissants, de barrières Nadar. L'organisation à pris le risque de laisser un minimum de liberté au public pour qu'on ne se sente pas comme des bestiaux Sleaford Mods ont étés fantastiques biensur. Même en l’absence de DJ après le concert la musique était classe, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Vous pourriez mettre une caisse "give your glass to charity" sur scène :-D
Al Nab
Enkel Sleaford Mods, Sudden Infant en Steve ignorant gezien, maar was allemaal wreed te genieten! vooral Steve was pakkend met zijn Bowie-covers.. ( Rebel rebel en Sweet thing ).
Une chouette soirée de musique alternative. Vivement l'année prochaine!
Geen seconde verveeld. Allemaal muziek met een hoek af...en da's positief bedoeld
Geweldige avond !!! Zeker niet binnen de lijntjes gekleurd, echt grensverleggend. Echt genoten met als sluitstuk de Sleaford Mods, wat een explosie van power...... SUPER
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Sleaford Mods + Steve Ignorant (Crass): Slice Of Life + Nachthexen + The Lowest Form + Mark Wynn + Structure + John Paul + Jason Williamson + Sudden Infant + Nail (DJ) news

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The Sound of Protest – Musical Boundlessness

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