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Forest Swords (Live)

Forest Swords (Live)

Forest Swords presents new album and curates an evening at BRDSCT

  • Concert
  • Location:
    AB Hall Complex
  • 08 April 2017
  • 19:00 doors

    AB BOX
    20:15 Oliver Coates
    21:15 Forest Swords
    23:15 end

    19:30 The Shrine
    22:30 Roger Robinson
    23:30 Cakes Da Killa
    00:15 Nidia Minaj
    02:00 end

    19:30 Shopping (set1)
    22:30 Shopping (set 2)
    23:15 end

  • Organisation:
  • Genre:
    Classical, Experimental, Indie, Punk, Reggae, Electronica
  • Series:


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  • Marija.Sabljak593073

    It was amazing! Brilliant! We totally enjoyed and we hope to see Forest Swords in AB again soon :)))

  • cal

    The most original beatmaker in the world today. Brilliant. To hear and to watch.

  • Kirill.Fayn636988

    amazing experience!

  • gagaman


  • Alex.Van Loon585526

    Prachtig concert!

Videos about Forest Swords (Live)

Forest Swords presents new album and curates an evening at BRDSCT

BRDCST is AB’s outstanding indoor spring festival spotlighting musical boundlessness. The name is a direct reference to the retro futuristic electronica-pop of the English band Broadcast that released inspiring albums like ‘Haha Sound’ and ‘Noise Made By The People’ over the past decade. Artists who feel strongly about musical innovation form the focal point for BRDCST. Our musical gut feeling will do the rest.

BRDCST is proud to present one of its coup de coeurs of the electronica scene: FOREST SWORDS. They were already prepared to curate one evening of BRDST. Because their wish list was just so inspiring, we immediately decided to entrust them will all the available rooms. This night received the title A BRDCST CURATED NIGHT BY FOREST SWORDS and, in agreement with founding father Matthew Barnes, we resolutely opted for making new discoveries.


Matthew Barnes – the brain behind Forest Swords – put out his scorching debut ‘Dagger Paths’ in ‘10, an album full of dark dub, beats and obscure R&B and folk. Successor ‘Engravings’ (with the single ‘Thor’s Stone’ as classic) was of such an impressive quality that expectations are now extremely high for the upcoming album. We already saw the European première at the Unsound festival (Poland) and were seriously impressed.


Forest Swords also presents the Belgian première of ‘Shrine’ [A Solo Dance Piece], a dance piece for which Barnes composed the eerie music. He himself describes it as ‘a claustrophobic sound world of texture and physical rhythm’.


No, you didn’t read wrong: Nidia Minaj really is the correct spelling. This Portuguese producer comes from the fantastic Principle stables (label to the likes of DJ Nigga Fox and DJ Marfox) and is scoring internationally with her African/Brazilian influenced mix of raw ghetto funk and fragments of kuduro, batida, trippy techno, afro house and grime. Basically: heated, hip & hyperactive!


With the string arrangements on latest Radiohead album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ to his name, and a masterpiece of his own (‘Upstepping’), ‘16 was a pretty good year for British cellist Oliver Coates. Add to that the collaborations with Mica Levi & Jonny Greenwood and, after his visit to BRDCST, you’ll be an instant fan.


The iconic Trinidadian author/speaker/musician Roger Robinson (also member of King Midas Sound) gets together with sound DIY-er Disrupt, especially for BRDCST. Together, they take you along to the golden years of dub poetry, topped off by a few old school samples, homemade synthesizers and delays. Linton Kwesi Johnson-fans unite!


Google gives 3,360,000,000 search results for London punk band Shopping. They are the odd one out on the bill but they sound so infectious that we reckon it’s totally logical for Fat Cat to have instantly offered them a record deal.


Felicia Atkinson is a French visual artist, writer and musician. Also known under the name Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier. She is a sound artist pur sang, with moody soundscapes and electronic noise as main points of departure.


Dan Hayhurst – half of eccentric audiovisual duo Sculpture – is exploring his own musical limits with solo debut album ‘Critter Party’. You can expect amazing sounds with hyper-active bleeps and a dash of video-game music mixed in every now and then, or: strange, but phenomenal music.

American rapper Rashard Bradshaw – aka Cakes Da Killa – broke through in ’16 with his first-class debut album ‘Hedonism’, thus treading in the footsteps of the likes of Mykki Blanco (with whom he worked on ‘Gay Dog Food’) and Zebra Katz. By doing so, all of them – just like Frank Ocean – broke through the silence/prejudices around ’being gay in the hip hop scene’. Just like his artist collective Qween Beat (see too: LSDXOXO, quest?onmarc,...) , Cakes Da Killa set himself up as figurehead for the entire LGBT hip hop/Queer Rap scene. He once declared to Pitchfork:  ‘Let's focus on the overall narrative of my work as opposed to a bar where I talk about giving a blow job.’ Be sure to check out the fantastically energetic/danceable tracks ‘New Phone (Who Dis)’ and ‘Talkin Greezy’.


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