Wed 09.12.15

Benjamin Clementine

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Soul-revelation, passionate minimalist

'At least for now' that's the excellent debut by this 'French Brit'. Despite the CD title, it would seem that the enduring Benjamin Clementine is a stayer (who already sold out his visit to Les Nuits, for example).

A few quotes from Humo:

'Benjamin Clementine is a man to be very envious of. Overflowing with charisma, rock solid voice, virtuoso pianist. Grew up in France and now lives in London. The bard performs in bare feet, seated behind his keyboard in a designer suit, with a bare torso under the thick woolen fabric – for all the world to see. He can have it. That too.'

Clementine's music lies somewhere in the suburbs of both jazz and modern pop. Sometimes he is compared with Antony Hegarty or Nina Simone, but don't let yourself be confused by that.

Richly exaggerated... even if, just like that of those two, his music is draped around his impressive discourse. Not that you can complain about diversity: aside vocals & piano there are strings, electronica, percussion and some other stuff ready to provide the whole sparsely but effectively with colour.'

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Déçue! Qu'arrive-t-il à BC, vu à ses débuts très prometteurs, c'était magnifique et sensible, il semble s'égarer, nous avons eu droit, très pompeusement, à son piano qu'à la fin du concert, une bonne partie de la musique sur bande ne laissant place à aucune interprétation. Pourvu qu'il se reprenne!
zo simpel kan het soms zijn. Wat een stem, wat een performance. Zo mooi.
Als kippenvel een goede waardemeter is dan was het fanatastisch!!! Wat een zalige stem heeft die man op blote voeten.
Wout De Beuckelaer
Musical Wizardry! Wonderful, stirring lyrics/melodies, delivered by a hugely charismatic Benjamin and gifted percussionist, Alexis (Bossard) ....a mesmerising and mischievous duo on the night . I loved it !
Une perle!
Fantastic !
Kalisa Ruzindaza
Simply great. Great artist, great character, great atmosphere. That's it !
Great great show! It might have been even better with seated places in my opinion for that kind of atmosphere. But what a voice and piano master! Cheers to the drummer as well!
"The people, the people, the people... and that's it." He is a man amongst the people, an angel in the crowd. He dreams, he smiles, he walks, he cries. Oh.. and he sings and makes us cry.
Lukas.De Coster508073
Wonderful! J'étais juste devant Benjamin et c' était génial, l'impression qu'il ne jouait et ne chantait que pour moi. Comme à chaque fois, j'ai des frissons... this voice, this particular voice... Il est humble, timide et si simple et il ne doit pas changer. Excellent concert mais toujours trop court... Bonne organisation mais il faudrait une salle plus intime, plus cosy et des places assises... Bravo à Benjamine et aussi à Alexis le batteur. Dank U AB.
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