Plenty of indietronica & dark wave on third issue 'Future Politics'

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Plenty of indietronica & dark wave on third issue 'Future Politics'

On third issue ‘Future Politics’  (Domino Records – 20/01), Katie Stelmanis – with her Canadian band Austra – draws from that same tasty indietronica/darkwave vat  that she brewed her previous ‘critically acclaimed’ issue ‘Olympia’ in.  Her airy voice is draped over subtle beats and her lyrics – that dig quite a bit deeper than your average pop music themes – touch upon loaded political & social topics. “I’ve experienced more sexism in my industry, I’ve witnessed the downfall of the middle class, I’ve lived through George W. Bush and Stephen Harper. But it’s not about ‘being political’, it’s about reaching beyond boundaries, in every single field”.

Stelmanis immersed herself in the cultural breeding-ground of Mexico City for ‘Future Politics’ and, aside from a brand new album,  got a wonderful cover photo out of the experience.  “A creatively liberating time”. We’ll leave it up to you as to whether you can hear that on first single ‘Utopia’, but vintage Austra it is!

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