The way to BRDCST, our tips for a relaxed trip

That BRDCST is a festival seeking musical boundlessness, is widely known. This also has an impact on the finishing times of some concerts. Our regular finishing time of 10:30 pm will occasionally be given the boot. Hence, a little guide to still getting home after a night full of musical discovery.

Every year, more and more people use public transport to get to AB and leave the car at home.This is, in part, also thanks to our collaboration with MIVB and NMBS. On every AB ticket you will find a MIVB and a NMBS code. With the Event Pass from MIVB you travel entirely free of charge on the bus, tram and metro in Brussels on the day of the concert. With the E-train ticket from NMBS you pay only 9 euro for a return trip to Brussels Centraal from any station in Belgium. This code is personal and in your name and so it can’t be transferred to anyone else. BRDCST festivalgoers with a combi-ticket can email to receive multiple codes for all the various days.

The methods of transport mentioned above can’t always help you though, seeing as there are a few late-nighters at BRDCST. On Wednesday Altin Gün & Baba Zula come to the Club and finish up at around 11pm, on Thursday Barst will close the Club at 1am, and DJ Pessimist will do the same on Friday. The screening of ‘Nico,1988’ in Pathé Palace ends just before midnight. This means that it will be difficult to still make use of public transport at that time of night.

Fortunately there are other possible, and environmentally friendly, ways to get home from AB. Our location is easy to reach by bike via the regional bicycle routes from Anderlecht, Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe, Jette, Bosvoorde,... What’s more, AB also offers a parking place for folding-bikes.

Do you live too far to take your steel horse from its stable? Then there is an other fun option: Carpooling! makes carpooling easier than ever. If you still can’t find a ride, then there is still your own car after all. There are plenty of parking garages near AB and you can of course make use of the transit parking places, on the edge of the city. You can consult the MIVB timetable here but if you should happen to not make the last tram/metro/bus heading to the transit parking then you can always take a taxi. 

No reason at all not to enjoy our late-nighters at BRDCST!

See you soon!

Other news

We are very worried about the situation and want to do our part in minimizing the outbreak of the virus. All the concerts up to and including the 3rd of May will be suspended and if possible postponed to a new date.