Wed 04.04.18

Turkish Psychedelica night feat. Baba Zula + Altin Gün

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BRDCST: exquisite double bill full of steaming and adventurous Turkish psychedelica

BRDCST is het buitengewoon indoor voorjaarsfestival van AB waarbij we inzetten op muzikale grenze(n)loosheid. De naam is een directe verwijzing naar de retrofuturistische electronicapop van de Engelse band Broadcast die het afgelopen decennium inspirerende albums uitbracht als ‘Haha Sound’ en ‘Noise Made By The People’. Centraal tijdens BRDCST staan artiesten die muzikale vernieuwing hoog in het vaandel dragen.

The latest treat in the indie scene, for a while now: Turkish psychedelica. Labels like Finders Keepers nurture a revitalisation of the inheritance with a constant stream of Turkish re-isssues. Just like BRDCST, Lefto is enthusiastic about Selda and contemporary acts like Gaye Su Akyol, Derya Yildirim, BaBa ZuLa & Altin Gün fully embrace this style. They all refer back to the heyday of Turkish psychedelica in ’60-’70 when Anatolian rock/folk was fused with Western rock ’n roll. Artists like Erkin Koray (who, by the way, is often sampled by Gonjasufi), Ersen, Bariș Manço, Selda Bağcan or Cem Karaca were the Turkish heroes of the time and, what's more, they were often political activists. Time for BRCDCST to open the door of the genre to a broader audience.


BaBa ZuLa – note the orthography – has already been around since ’96, but their popularity only gained momentum thanks to the ’05 documentary ‘Crossing the Bridge’ that revealed the modern/avant-garde scene of Istanbul at the time. Their greatest influence: the psychedelic folk-rock of Moğollar from ’60-’70. BaBa ZuLa, in turn, laid the foundations for what would later become known as Istanbul psychedelia. Their unique psychedelic sound combined traditional Turkish instruments, electronica, reggae and dub (whereby the electric saz – a Turkish stringed instrument – played a central role). They collaborated with dub heroes Sly & Robbie and Mad Professor, Can-drummer Jaki Liebzeit as well as Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten).

They often consider their music to be a (political) statement. A song like ‘Efkarli Yaprak’ (‘Worried Leaf’) is about the uncle of frontman Osman Murat Ertel who was a journalist that fought the system with his pen. The result: he landed in prison and was tortured. Noteworthy: Selda once wrote the politically tinted track ‘Yaz Gazeteci Yaz’ or: ’Write journalist write'.

To mark their 20th anniversary, an overview of their career was released in remix form on Glitterbeat: ‘xx’. Live, BaBa ZuLa is still a complete experience.

The name of Dutch/Turkish band Altin Gün can best be translated as ‘golden day’. Altin Gün contains members of sixties adepts Jacco Gardener and afrobeat/ethio-jazz band Jungle By Night, with a starring-role for singer Merve Dasdemir and keyboard player/singer Erdinç Ecevit Yildiz (both being erudite figures in regard to Turkish pop, seventies rock and traditionals). Remarkably enough, their debut will be released in early '18 on the more dance-oriented Amsterdam label Rush Hour.


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Vanaf eerste nummer van Baba Zula hebben wij gedans en ons laten meevoeren in hun wereld. SUPER!
Altin Gün super maar Baba Zula beetje een teleurstelling.
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