*Drum roll* This is what you didn’t know yet about Kaboom Karavan

© Liesbeth Marit

On 20-11-20 they will appear on stage in the AB Theatre: Kaboom Karavan (as double bill with Razen). We had to wait six years for their latest album ‘The Log and the Leeway’, but the album is absolutely great. Together with Stefaan Smagghe (violin) and Liesbeth Marit (electronics), Bram Bosteels creates a unique world of sound formed by self-made and ingeniously conceived instruments. Come check out the impressive instrumentarium.

© Liesbeth Marit - OLAF

OLAF: a self-made (during the lockdown) electro-acoustic rhythm generator that acts as 4th band member. 8 linear actuators and 2 rotary motors are what make it produce all sorts of movements and rhythmic sounds.

© Liesbeth Marit - ANITA

ANITA: an antenna with a built-in element (also used by spies to tap phones) that makes electromagnetic radiation audible.  Hidden sounds become audible after all!

© Liesbeth Marit - SARANGI

SARANGI: a small but heavy wooden Indian stringed instrument. The sarangi is played with a bow, the instrument is held upright on the lap. The bow plays the gut-stringed melodies.

UNIDENTIFIED AMPLIFIED SOUND OBJECTS: all sorts of unidentifiable objects, mounted on a wooden tabletop. These objects are amplified by a custom-made contact microphone, which magnifies miniscule sounds.

There are still a few tickets available for their concert at AB on 20-11-20, you can find them HERE!

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