Discover the Jazz Calendar in AB with Stuff., Colin Stetson and much much more

Contemporary jazz at AB with, among others, STUFF. and Brownswood presents: 'WE OUT HERE'

May commences with a number of international jazz artists, such as Japan’s Akira Sakata & Italy’s Giovanni Di Domenico, who came to attention through their collaborations with artists like Peter Brötzmann and Nate Wooley. Belgian pianist Jonas Cambien will join this duo and play live on a Belgian stage for the first time!

Akira Sakata & Giovanni Di Domenico + Jonas Cambien Trio perform on May 2 in AB Salon

As a part of Europe Day, the new sound of London Jazz will be presented for two nights long by ‘Brownswood Presents: We Out here’ where the first evening will see Moses Boyd – Solo X & Maisha in concert. On the second evening Theon Cross & Joe Armon-Jones will the ones to play in the Club to prove that the London jazz scene is bursting with talent.

Brownswood presents: ‘We out here’ feat. Moses Boyd Solo X – Maisha perform on May 8 in AB Club
Brownswood presents: ‘We out here’ feat. Theon Cross + Joe Armon-Jones perform on May 9 in AB Club

STUFF. brings us the finest beats in Fuse and invites Lefto, Mala, Clark and a few other well-known faces to come let it all loose. Also perfect to combine with Theon Cross & Joe Armon-Jones in AB actually, you can then head on to the Fuse afterwards, seeing as the concert only starts at 11pm!

STUFF. Invites Clark, Mala, Lefto, ... May 9 in Fuse

Two quiet weeks and then we’ll see the arrival of the American trio without musical limits. House of Waters will provide the club with a mix of global sounds! “It isn’t just rap, or hip hop, or jazz, or soul, but it has all of that. It’s an amorphous thing. It’s how the future is going to be. “

House of Waters performs on May 23 in AB Club

The weekend after that, during Brussels Jazz Weekend, Boggamasta & Glü will be putting their best foot forward in the Main Hall. Boggamasta, consisting of – count them – 16 members, presents their own direct, energetic and crazy music to AB. What’s more, this fantastic double bill is also free too, so there’s no reason not to head down to Anspachlaan 110 for global avant-garde trance!

Boggamasta & Glü perform on May 26 in AB Main Hall

Fast forward to the winter! If Bon Iver says that Colin Stetson is one of the best saxophone players of our time, then we really must believe it. The way in which Stetson plays tenor sax instantly reminds one of free jazz grandmasters like Evan Parker, Peter Brötzmann and Anthony Braxton. Stetson about his sax: “It’s been around the world, has touched the sand of the Sahara and has played for over a million people.”

Colin Stetson performs on November 13 in AB Main Hall

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