Build your own fine dust monitor!

Air pollution can attend in Brussels and Flemish Brabant high proportions. It is like an insidious poison, often invisible to the naked eye. In order to tackle air pollution, it must be made visible, therefore it is crucial that citizens monitor air quality. This  is why Luchtpijp was born. We offer citizens, associations and municipalities activities and tools to raise awareness around air quality.

Luchtpijp provides workshops and activities that municipalities and organisations can order to create awareness around air quality. How about  joining us for a workshop where residents can build air monitors themselves? Or lectures about "Quality air",  or workshops for children and walk tours over the air pollution levels in the city?  Well, you can find all this at Luchtpijp.

With Luchtpijp we want to raise awareness about clean air. The activities are participative and allow people to come together and reflect on air quality. The technology we use is open source and the data that the activities provide is accessible to everyone. This way our residents become a sort of citizen scientist themselves.

Our goal: as many citizen measurement stations as possible in Brussels and Flemish Brabant!

The project is based on the knowledge of, initiated by OK Lab Stuttgart. Today, these sensors are used in 26 European countries. In the Netherlands, InfluencAir, HackAir and LeuvenAir are already working on this. Influencair and Leuvenair have already laid a solid base in Brussels and Leuven with dozens of citizen measuring stations.

Now we are gearing up and we want to add at least 500 more! With civic monitor stations, we complement the official measurement points provided by the Brussels and Flemish governments. You can help us by hanging a monitor on your façade or balcony!

What will we do with the raised budget?

The collected amount will be used to purchase the parts, to pay for the preparations and packaging of the air monitor kits and to carry out the promotion required to make the initiative widely known. With the remaining budget, we’ll organize in 2019 feedback moments to analyze and discuss the results together. This way the participants can stay in contact with each other if they wish so.

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