Win a duo-ticket for ‘Artist In Residence’ Jacle Bow documentary + concert in Huis 23!

Last year in April, 'Artist in Residence' Jacle Bow headed to the west coast of the United States to end up playing no less than 20 concerts in 22 days! The four gents travelled to San Diego with not much more than their instruments, each other, and a roughly planned route. Living from day to day. In the mornings, Jonas, Joris, Karel and Guillaume never knew exactly where they would perform or sleep that night. What followed is an unpredictable adventure that brought them all the way to Seattle. All the ups-and-downs were captured on film. The result? A compelling documentary about the experiences of an unknown European band on the big American continent.

It is not without pride that we are able to screen their tour documentary for the very first time on the big screen: on May 13 in Huis 23.  The title ‘Play For That Money, Boys!’ already gives a hint: the Jacle Bows had to do everything they could to collect enough money and thus be able to continue the tour. You can watch the trailer below.

Interested in hearing their exciting US story? We might just be able to send you and a friend to the exclusive screening in Huis 23! What’s more, Jacle Bow will also play an acoustic set afterwards. Provide us with the right answer to the question below and, who knows, you might be able to attend!

Competition closed.


Jacle Bow took on the drummer of Triggerfinger as producer for their debut album. What is his name?

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