Sun 29.04.18

Tsar B

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Belgian indie-queen-on-the-rise has her eye on the throne of FKA Twigs & Kelela

Few debuting artists gather an equally amount of overseas praise as Justine Bourgeus, or Tsar B, with her first issue ‘Escalate’ from ’15. Her spooky-electronica-meets-ethereal-oriental-tinted-R&B nestled itself in the heart of world renowned choreographer Alexander Chung and the song even made it into the American version of So You Think You Can Dance, with name mention and all! Tsar B doesn’t need more than a debut EP and a brand new, sultry single ‘Gold Digger’ to be the unabashed Belgian, challenging, European indie-queen on the rise…


For fans of FKA Twigs, Banks, Kelela, Sevdaliza, Abra, Fever Ray, Björk, Beyonce
In the press “Two sounds clash in a perfect way, to create something hypnotic. Dark & omnious R&B, Tsar’s saccharine vocals creating an undeniable dynamic.” - PIGEONS AND PLANES

“Her dark-blue oriental R&B feels almost androgynous in places and recalls fragments of some of alternative pop's most daring artists: FKA twigs, Beyonce and Banks.” – NOISEY/VICE
Fun fact When Tsar B was hanging around in LA last summer, at the invitation of choreographer Alexander Chung, she rather coincidentally ended up in the hot stripclub Cheetahs. The boss turned out to be a Tsar B-fan and a show amongst the erotic dancers promptly ensued!


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