Sun 26.11.17

Stick To Your Guns + Being As An Ocean

+ Silent Planet, First Blood

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All-engulfing American metal- & (post)hardcore alliance!

Rabid hardcore entwined with melodious metalcore. That’s what Stick To Your Guns has been serving us up for years, hard as nails and raw. And the band from Orange County, California, never avoids the socially critical themes. On their most recent issue ‘Better Ash Than Dust’, an EP that precedes their upcoming longplayer on brand new label Pure Noise Records, they denounce things like the ‘police brutality’ that the US has been dealing with for years. And, as ever, they do that deafeningly and & very much in your face!


Just like Stick to Your Guns, Being As An Ocean continues to build on the foundations of metalcore & (post)hardcore, but they also throw in a serious serve of post-rock, spoken word and – as on new single ‘Black & Blue’ – ambient. They will soon throwing ‘Waiting For Morning To Come’, their fourth issue, in  our direction and this time via Equal Vision Records. Incomiiiiiiing!


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A bit disappointed in First Blood but juste because it's not quite my style. Silent Planet was a great discovering. Being as an Ocean was a big big surprise for me, uses to not like them when I listen at home. But very nice in concert, great moment. And big up to Stick to your Guns for this wonderful moment !!! Hope you found your phone back good boy !!!
Great show of STYG, as usual. A bit disappointed by the lack of the acoustic songs but you can't battle a throat infection. Being As An Ocean were ok, their clean vocals are a bit too whiny for me. Silent Planet have great lyrics but they lack stage presence. It's a shame because everyone was already warmed up thanks to First Blood, which put on a great show.
très bons groupes et bonne ambiance malgré un son un peu limite
Super show!! spijtig dat de bonnetjes altijd zo duur zijn.
Merel.Van Roy676212
Terrible soirée ! et pour Stick To Your Guns c'est le meilleur album 2017 et le meilleur live 2017 !!
Door Being as an Ocean eindelijk live bezig te zien is er een jeugddroom uitgekomen. Hetgeen jammer genoeg de avond een beetje minder leuk maakte, was één stagediver en crowdsurfer die besloot dat pinnen op zijn schoenen en rond de polsen een goed idee was. Hierdoor ziet mijn gezicht er momenteel niet zo denderend uit. Verder, op en top plezier!
Loved it!
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