Tue 25.08.15

Ryley Walker + Daniel Knox + Broeder Dieleman

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Superb folk from Chicago to Zeelandic Flanders

SOUNDTRACK BY: KURT SMITH plays Harry Smith’s ‘Anthology Of American Folk Music’

8:00 pm
His name is instantly intriguing. Just as his Zeelandic Flemish dialect. With his banjo, he turns out to be the South Netherlandic equivalent of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. So it's no accident then that he just released a split 7” with his hero. What's more: Will Oldham has even covered a song by Broeder Dieleman and vice versa. VPRO on that: ‘Surrealistisch. Waanzinnig mooi.’ More fine words? Vrij Nederland about his album ‘Alles Is Ijdelheid’: ‘Eén van de opmerkelijkste platen die er de afgelopen jaren in Nederland zijn gemaakt.’ Cherish him, that Dieleman! He'll do the same for you.


9:00 pm
An achingly lovely exercise in vintage, chrome-plated, wood-paneled Americana.
(Uncut - 8/10)

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