Fri 08.06.18

Public Image Ltd - The Public Image is Rotten Tour

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‘This Is Not A Love Song’, ‘Rise’, ‘Death Disco’, ‘Public Image’, ‘Albatross’..

The Sound Of Protest

In May ‘18 it is exactly a half century ago that turbulent student revolts took place in Paris and spread throughout Europe. AB responds and commits to protest music. The current social and political climate is unfortunately an ‘ideal’ source of inspiration.

AB delves into the The Sound Of Protest and lets the voices of Turkish social protest songs, London’s grime, the call for (musical) borderlessness, the Black Lives Matter movement and working Punk Icons fully resound.


PUBLIC IMAGE LTD Loudmouth John Lydon. Furious post-punk. ‘The Flower Of Romance.’ The Sex Pistols. ‘This is Not A Love Song’. ‘It changed my life’ - bassist Flea about ‘Metal Box’. Superb dub. Johnny Rotten. ‘The White Album of the underground’ - Thurston Moore about ‘Metal Box’.
A direct attack on the establishment, he quite definitely wrote punk history with The Sex Pistols. His band was banned from stages and TV shows. He fired off musical cluster-bombs at the English government with ‘God Save The Queen’ and ‘Anarchy in the Uk’, in a then broken England. He wrote politically loaded songs like ‘Rise’ (an anthem against apartheid in South Africa) with Public Image Ltd too and this year celebrates their 40th birthday. Live, PiL still sounds like one big chunk of pent up rage.

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Public Image Ltd - The Public Image is Rotten Tour news

The Sound of Protest – Punk icons & working class heroes

Discover the most rebellious theme of The Year of The Contestation.


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