Fri 31.08.18

Príncipe label night feat. DJ Firmeza + DJ Nervoso + DJ Lycox

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Party to the quick-tempered global sounds-infected dance from the ghettos of Lisbon

Why complain about the state of contemporary pop music? Those who go looking, and dig around, in the margin will see that there is actually quite a lot going on. In the broadest sense. Every year, the Feeërieën attempts to reveal a piece of that (untamed) beauty. Deliberately presenting lesser known acts and sorting them neatly into particular themes. Because discovering music is what really ensures an experience, more than the decor does. The natural beauty of the Warande Park is unmistakably a 100% part of Feeërieën though too, of course. Experience2!

This evening is, in part, made possible by Liveurope.

Surprisingly enough, the most innovative and global sounds-infected electronica/dance is currently not coming from hotspots like London, New York or  Berlin, but rather the sweltering suburbs of Lisbon. Príncipe is the name of the latest wunderkind, active since 2011 and it is, as they say, ‘fully dedicated to releasing 100% real contemporary dance music coming out of this city, its suburbs, projects & slums.

Spin described the raw sound of Príncipe as ‘An ultra-vivid hybrid of grime and trance.’ And FACT Magazine called them ‘The sound of Lisbon ghettos.’ Their music – contemporary techno and house – has a unique and extremely southern, warm touch due to the fusion with African genres like the energetic kuduro (Angola), kizomba (Angola) and funaná (Cape Verde). Príncipe-pioneer DJ Marfox once claimed ‘This is our grime'’.

After a very festive and heavily attended Príncipe evening last year – with pioneers like Nidia Minaj, DJ Marfox and DJ Nigga Fox – now it is time to invite the latest generation of Príncipe newcomers:

DJ Firmeza (Portuguese for ‘powerful’) can be proud to appear aside Nidia Minaj on the recent compilation ‘Cargaa 2’ – from the famous Warp Records that recently also took DJ Nigga Fox under their wing. His debut EP ‘Alma Do Meu Pai’ (read: ‘the soul of my father’) gives a wink to grime and footwork. Pitchfork describes it as ‘stunningly unique sounds and dances from urban tensions'.

His name is not the first to come to mind if you bring up Príncipe, but DJ Nervoso – born on the African island Sao Tomé and Principe (!)– was actually the great inspiration for Príncipe pioneer DJ Marfox. Quotes that become him: ‘It’s incredible how Nervoso seems to be able to make challenging fascinating and unexpected dance music from the simplest of ingredients.’ And also: ‘Hard knocking dance music that could wake the dead.’

The latest Príncipe issue, he resides in Paris and lands just as easily behind the turntables in the hippest Berlin club of recent years (Berghain) as at Poland’s progressive Unsound Festival. FACT Magazine recently shot him into the chart of ‘10 Club Producers to Watch’ and catapulted one of his mixes into the chart of ‘10 Best Mix Tapes of 2017’. His recent album ‘Sonhos & Pesadelos’ is pure danceable fireworks.

Soundtrack by Príncipe

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