Wed 20.06.18

Nyege Nyege Tapes - The Sound of East Africa feat. Sound Of Sisso ft. Bampa Pana & Makaveli + Otim Alpha + Dj Moroto Heavy Ind

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Season finale with ‘Two days of supreme ass shaking music from East Africa’

The brand new and hottest label of the moment - Nyege Nyege Tapes – doesn’t come from Berlin, London or New York for a change, but rather from Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Nyege Nyege is ‘Ugandan’ (or more precisely: Luganda) for ‘the feeling of a sudden uncontrollable urge to move, shake or dance’. Exactly the effect that the music of Nyege Nyege artists like Otim Alpha, Nihiloxica, DJ Kampire or Sound Of Sisso want to generate. The translation of Nyege Nyege sounds even more explicit in Swahili, read: ‘horny horny’.

Whereas labels like Soundway, Analog Africa or Awesome Tapes From Africa mainly released reissues in recent years, Nyege Nyege has focused upon contemporary ‘outsider music’ from East Africa ever since its inception in ’16. To date, the label has put out six releases that have mainly led a popular life on Bandcamp. In addition, the label also has a recording studio (Boutique Studio) and the show pony is their annual Nyege Nyege Festival at the source of the Nile.

So now its time for a real Nyege Nyege Tapes two-dayer, that was re-named by the label as ‘Two days of supreme ass-shaking music from East Africa’. Let yourself be carried away by an allround experience, with the crème de la crème of label’s artists, DJ sets, workshops & readings. Basically: the perfect conclusion to the season!

Info & tickets Thursday 21.06.

Former boxing champion Otim Alpha honours the motto ‘If you have been born you can dance.’ He started out adding lustre to wedding parties, no surprise then that Forced Exposure describes his music as: “Essentially computerized Acholi wedding music, weaving its traditional, see-sawing folk fiddles and call-and-response vocals with stripped, pounding drum machine polyrhythms in a sort of hypnotic, minimalist delirium.” Shall we just say: somewhere between Shangaan Electro, Konono No.1 and Caribbean soca.

Exciting electronica label Sisso Records is formed around producers and MC’s like Sisso, Bampa Pana & Makaveli and operates from out of the former capital of Tanzania – Dar Es Salaam. Feel free to call them the pioneers of the Singeli: “Fast paced frantic loops interlocking with each other, with influences from Zanzibar’s Tarab music all the way to South African afro-house coupled with MCs who often spit satirical lyrics”.

Your host and DJ, before, during & after! We’ll be sure to give the dancefloor a good polish beforehand.

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