Fri 06.04.18

NON Worldwide presents Nkisi - The Dark Orchestra (Live)

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BRDCST: Belgian/Congolese producer/co-founder of NON Worldwide collective

BRDCST is AB’s outstanding indoor spring festival spotlighting musical boundlessness.
The name is a direct reference to the retro futuristic electronica-pop of English band Broadcast that released inspiring albums like ‘Haha Sound’ and ‘Noise Made By The People’ over the past decade. Artists who feel strongly about musical innovation form the focal point for BRDCST. Our musical gut-feeling does the rest.

Again this year, BRDCST has formed an alliance with the neighbours on the other side of the street – music bar Bonnefooi @ Steenstraat 8 – to offer an extra platform for exciting and innovative sounds. Rewind? Last year’s highlights were: Moor Mother (who appears at this edition with her band Irreversible Entanglements), Les Filles De Illighadad and the Icelandic postpunk of Kælan Mikla. This year we go for the African diaspora (see: SCRAAATCH) with a focus on the NON Worldwide collective (see: Nkisi and Bonaventure).

Welome to the Wonderful Sonic World of NON Worldwide! A collective with African roots that priorities electronic experiment. Their mission: ’a rejection of mass culture and existing political conditions’. NON Worldwide was founded by Chino Amobi (US), Belgian/Congolese Nkisi (UK) and Angel-Ho (South Africa) and ‘were quickly established as a serious force, musically, politically and sonically.’(The Wire) Those who enter the NON Worldwide universe, soon bump into intriguing and colourful figures like, Farai, Mhysa, SCRAAATCH, Elysia Crampton, Rabit and flagbearer Chino Amobi, of course.

NKISI – pronounced: Kisi – is the alias of a Belgian-raised London-resident producer/DJ with Congolese roots. Melika Ngombe Kolongo – her real name – is also co-founder of the NON Worldwide collective.  Poland’s Unsound festival described her style as ‘a relentlessly fast-paced sound combining influences of her musical heritage: Congolese rhythms, Belgian hardcore and gabber.’

Entry is free of charge according to the principle ‘First come, first served.’
This also applies to those with a Limited BRDCST Festival Pass.

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NON Worldwide presents Nkisi - The Dark Orchestra (Live) news

The Sound of Protest – Musical Boundlessness

The Year of the Contestation will be further expanded by this 3rd theme.



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