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Lonelady (Warp Records)

Lonelady (Warp Records)

Funk infused minimal wave, early techno and post punk’

  • Concert
  • Location:
    AB Club
  • 15 May 2015
  • 07:00 pm doors - DJ Fred & Manu (Breizbear)
    09:00 pm Lonelady

  • Organisation:
  • Genre:
    Dance, Electronica
  • Series:


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  • sap

    De band maakte een amateuristische indruk. Ik dacht dat zij enkel hun eerste CD voorstelden, terwijl ze al een 2de hebben gemaakt. Ik vond het genre erg leuk, maar sommige liedjes leken wel een beetje op elkaar.

Videos about Lonelady (Warp Records)

Funk infused minimal wave, early techno and post punk’

It's going to be yet another impressive year for our favourite non-conformist record label Warp Records. Aside from releases by Aphex Twin and Future Brown, now Lonelady is jostling for your attention too. Lurking behind Lonelady you will find Mancunian Julie Campbell who is soon to be releasing her second album ‘Hinterland’ upon the world.


Whereas her debut ‘Nerve Up’ (from ’12) mainly contained minimal wave, early techno and post-punk, Hinterland’ has been well-fed on funk. That's a step up for the danceability. Campbell really meant it too: as she went all the way to Michigan (US) to record on the original mixing table of funk grandmaster Sly Stone. Bill Skibbe (The Kills, Austra, The Dead Wheater) provided the productional rawness. Forefunner single ‘Groove It Out’ certainly hits the spot.

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