Sat 11.05.19

Kruder & Dorfmeister 25 years anniversary

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Legendary DJ duo marks 25th anniversary with three hour long set!

Legendary DJ duo Kruder & Dorfmeister celebrates its 25th year this year. Austrians Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister are mainly known for their downtempo remixes of pop, hip-hop and drum-’n’-bass tracks. In 1993, they raised eyebrows with their first EP ‘G-Stoned’, released via their very own G-Stone Recordings. The single ‘High Noon’ was one of the most listened to hits of the moment. A few years later, the duo scored again with their DJ-Kicks release, a definitive album for the standard of the rest of the series. With the release of their 1998 album ‘The K&D Sessions’, the duo altered the electronic music scene in the 90’s. Their downtempo music with jazz, funk, soul and reggae influences was unseen at that time and formed a source of inspiration for many young producers.

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In the press ‘K&D take centre stage amid a constantly morphing, at times retina-scarring light show, that puts just about every other electronica act to shame. The breathtaking visuals provide the perfect psychedelic backdrop to a set that effortlessly blends the best of the pair's past, present and future tunes.’ – Independent



Epic! The energy, the Cool, the Dance, the Mind Blowing - they will take another 25 years :)
We came from south of France to be at this awesome session from Kruder&Dorfmeister !!! Two years to find to good date for us and it was in Bruxelles ! Very proud to be there ! It was a incredible time !!! You have a great place and a pleasant team. Thank you so much !
Great performance! I’ve been waiting for their live performance since 1999, when I got their Sessions as a present from a friend from Berlin. The night at AB in Brussels was 3,5 hours of pure enjoyment! Nice detail: as we were looking for the entrance, we stumbled upon K&D in front of the back door. They borrowed a lighter to my friend, she was soooo happy
Sterk begin en zeer sterk einde. De kleine uitstap middenin naar Prince was zelfs overbodig wat mij betreft De K&D sessions zijn en blijven een een episch meesterwerk. Top avond kortom.
Heerlijke avond, mooie opbouw en mix van sublieme platen (Prince met Controversy en Work It, remix van Soulwax). AB blijft de tempel der tempels met een magnifieke akoestiek!
Toppie! 've been waiting 15yrs to see them ! luckily not on an expensive festival but in the epicenter of Beljom.. me lucky btw. it wasn't 'useless' but speechless ' .. as we were nice how the put ' controversy' in the blender , way better than the original K˚
Superbe soirée. K&D nous ont régalé pour leur 25eme anniversaire. J'avais un peu peur que cela soit trop downtempo mais cela a été fort festif dans l'ensemble. Bravo aussi aux VJs.
Bof... Rien à voir avec leurs 'Sessions' ou DJ Kicks... Mis à part quelques passage, ça a été de la techno 'down-tempo' pas mal faite en soi, mais plutôt inintéressante. Je m'attendais à de la musique à écouter, ce n'était que de la musique à danser... Assez déçu donc
Assez déçu, je m'attendais qu'ils jouent l'intégralité de K&D Sessions et puis ...non. A 21h30, j'ai mis les voiles ...visiblement trop tôt pour leur fameux remix de Useless :-/
Verkindere Didier
C'était top....mais je m'y attendais!
Verkindere Didier
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