Wed 29.08.18

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith + Klein

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Exquisite electronica in a mesmerizing female double bill

Why complain about the state of contemporary pop music? Those who go looking, and dig around, in the margin will see that there is actually quite a lot going on. In the broadest sense. Every year, the Feeërieën attempts to reveal a piece of that (untamed) beauty. Deliberately presenting lesser known acts and sorting them neatly into particular themes. Because discovering music is what really ensures an experience, more than the decor does. The natural beauty of the Warande Park is unmistakably a 100% part of Feeërieën though too, of course. Experience2!

Don’t ask why, but even just the name Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith sounds impressive to us. She grew up on Orcas Island in the American northwest and, after her musical studies, got fascinated by the sound and possibilities of the famous Buchla 100 synthesizer. Blessed with a beautiful voice, that all resulted in a handful of intriguing albums. Her latest album ‘The Kid’ received the medal for ‘Best New Music’ from Pitchfork and, at the same time, a series of fine comparisons on top: ‘Compared to her more reserved prior albums, ‘The Kid’ at times plays almost like Grimes’ alien electro-pop or Caribou’s house-indebted beats.’  Lastly, Smith – who now lives in LA – has already remixed for good folk like Perfume Genius (present at the Feeërieën in ‘14) and Max Richter.

KLEIN (Hyperdub/uk)
London/Nigerian artist Klein is associated with Kode9’s excellent Hyperdub label, which has been ahead of its time since it came into being. Think: Burial, Fatima Al Qadiri, Laurel Halo, Dean Blunt or DJ Rashad.  Her EP ‘Tommy’ from 2017 sounded particularly amazing and grabbed attention right away. Pitchfork: ‘It’s an intense, discomforting listen but never less than visceral in its impact.' FACT then described her work as ‘grainy pop collages with elements like heavily-manipulated audio samples, R&B-inspired vocals, and metallic drones.’ Comparisons with the deconstructed noise-jams of Hype Williams and Micachu are never far removed.

Soundtrack by Dj Jasper

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