Fri 31.08.18

Jay MNG + 't Hof Van Commerce

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Rap! Quick! Fast! Hip-hop! Doubled up! Very clever!

BOTERHAMMEN IN HET PARK 2018: Free summer festival on the charming bandstand at the Warande park, in the heart of Brussels.

Where’s he from? ‘From the moon’, man! That is the track by this briskly rapping Brussellian. Quite definitely ‘the reality of these times’ and also found to be adroit by Studio Brussel’s De Nieuwe Lichting. Included on the AB billing in the spring of 2018 aside Zwangere Guy too, amongst the ‘Underground Occupy Mainstream ‘ happenings. Get on it!

Wien is ‘t Hof van Commerce? ‘That is also the title of the powerfully funny mockumentary by Kristof Michiels, alias ‘DJ 4T4’. Just call him the scratcher in this voiciferously farcical collective. With Flip – no relative of Coely – Kowlier alias ‘Levrancier’, of course, and Serge – distant relative of Cyriel? - Buyse alias ‘Dommestik’. Back together again after 20 years, without pulling strings, for sold-out concerts and an overly clear compilation: ‘Niemand Grodder’.

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