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Global Street Sounds

Global Street Sounds

Free Global Sounds musicfest in and around AB

  • Event
  • Location:
    AB Main Hall
  • 17 September 2017
  • AB
    15:10 Altin Gün
    17:00 Meridian Brothers
    21:00 Joey Le Soldat

  • Organisation:
  • Genre:
    Dance, World

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Free Global Sounds musicfest in and around AB


Block Party Steenstraat:
14:00 Rrita Jashari
16:00 Baylena
18:00 D.WattsRiot
19:30 DJ Lee Bass

15:10 Altin Gün
17:00 Meridian Brothers
21:00 Joey Le Soldat

14:30 + 16:15 Chalo Correia

17:45 Arkan Mushtak Synth Trio

Mr Ego
16:45 Ko Shin Moon

Outlet Store
15:40 + 20:00 Alizarina

Bonnefooi: Afterparty!

GLOBAL STREET SOUNDS sounds worldly and 'streetwise' and that as of midday, in and around the entire Steenstraat, in and aside the AB, and in the Main Hall: Altin Gün, Meridian Brothers and Joey Le Soldat and on the street, the likes of Chalo Correia, Alzarina, Ko Shin Moon, DWattsRiot, Rrita Jashari, Baylene Selektah,… (see below).

Global Street Sounds is still a brand new DIVERSE and FREE party on SUNDAY 17 SEPTEMBER. After the loooooong summer vacation, all the senses can be stimulated again with a unique musical mix, culinary excursions, animation and attractions...

Oo°h and that 17 September is also the 3rd Sunday of the month, thus also CAR-FREE SUNDAY, so it’s all pedal-to-the-metal then for the 2017/2018 AB season.

The exact timing will be shared at a later date.

ALTIN GÜN operates from out of The Netherlands and is formed around bassist Jasper Verhulst. After having had the opportunity to play with Jacco Gardner in Istanbul, he became fascinated by the Turkish 'sound of the 70s' = a sultry mix of 'Turkish folk, psychedelia, funk & rock', in the wake of adventurers like Selda, Barış Manço and Erkin Koray. Add to that: less-known tunes or own interpretations of traditional material and you get a compelling dance groove, a cheerful crossover.

MERIDIAN BROTHERS is Colombian craziness. Since 1998, a tropical/psychedelic concept with a loose screw loose. Based around frontman Eblis Alvarez, it has now filled out into a 'live combo' with Maria Valencia (saxophone, clarinet, percussion & synthesizers), Damian Ponce (percussion), Cesar Quevedo (bass) and Alejandro Forero (electronics & synthesizers.) 'Donde Estas Maria?' That question should be answered on their new SoundwayRecords release!

Joey Le Soldat (bf) (replaces the cancelled Togo All Stars show)
'African hiphop electro' from Burkina Faso. With an artist name that refers to the 'tirailleurs' in the family and he has now completed third CD 'Barka' on French label Tentacule.
For fans of Roots Manuva, Max le Daron, Art Melody...
The Guardian on forerunner 'Burkin Bâ': 'One of the most strongest electro-tinged hip-hop cuts you’ll hear all year.'


Rrita Jashari (Bxl)
Member of Brussels’ 54Kollektiv, famed for their eclectic parties with contemporary electronic music. They present music from the past, present and future. Rrita’s passion for world-sounds is like an invitation to a timeless journey, all free from boundaries and genres but with plenty of pure musical vibrations.

D.WattsRiot (BB)
This veteran from Barbados parentage was the DJ of legendary British political-fusion band Fun-Da-Mental. In the 1990’s, that band brought together hip-hop, ethnic roots, world music and electronica with a bold east-meets-west surround sound. These days he also produces ethnic downtempo dub under the name KingLMan, where he works with members of King Midas Sound and Dub Colossos, and runs the platform Ear Conditioning, where he counts Gonjasufi amongst his protégés. *Silence is not an option*

Alizarina (FR / Bxl)
From a techno beat to a melodious clarinet, Alizarina (check out the Breton-Brussels collective Global Hybrid) combines various influences: techno, klezmer, gypsy and Balkan beats... all the fruits of his travels through Eastern Europe and a strongly developed curiosity. His music will get you moving and carry you away to distant lands.

Baylena  (BE)
This female DJ from Luik is a regular at electro-tropical nights in Belgium and further afield, only she knows the secret of her musical vibrations. Expect a powerful mix of earthly bass from cumbia, moombahton and beyond.

Ko Shin Moon (FR)
The boundaries between time and space blur, French duo Ko Shin Moon mixes acoustic instruments from various regions in the world, via analogue applications, traditional music, electronic compositions, sampling and field recordings. Their debut LP is the soundtrack to a hybrid world trip: acid dabke, Turkish-Greek disco, cosmic raï, new beat molam, Tibetan ambient, Hindi filmic synth wave and so on.


Arkan Mushtak Synth Trio (IQ/BE)
Musician Arkan Mushtak ended up in Belgium last year as a refugee of the war in Iraq. In Baghdad, he was trained from childhood as a talented keyboard player by master composer Noor Sabah. Expect a set of wild electronic sounds in the traditional Iraqi *chobi chobi* style with jingling beats and mesmerizing melodies, accompanied by an Iraqi singer and Belgian electronic producer Weird Dust. The three will release an album in September.

Chalo Correia is a talented singer-songwriter born in Luanda, Angola. His childhood was right in the most intense and blazing music period of 70's Angola, where he got to meet musicians from revolutionary bands like Os Merengues, and Os Kiezos that would influence his future music. He moved to Portugal in the early 90s, where he taught himself to play fast swinging Angolan styles such as semba, rebita, rumba and kazucuta, with lyrics influenced by memories of Angola and his experiences in the multicultural environment of Lisbon. His debut album 'Kudihohola' on Celeste Mariposa Discos was an instant classic for lovers of the Afro Portuguese sound, puxa!

News about Global Street Sounds

Global (Street) Sounds and hip-hop @ AB By Kurt Overbergh on

Global (Street) Sounds and hip-hop @ AB

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Our après-summer party: Global Street Sounds! By Leen Van Severen on

Our après-summer party: Global Street Sounds!

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