Thu 07.03.19


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Crème! Heartbreaking yet creamy smooth CD launch!

Do you remember where you were when 'De zji' by Ertebrekers went to air for the first time? We do. On the road, with the offspring in the back and the girlfriend cheerfully aside us. Suddenly a trip to the cinema took on an impromptu road-trip vibe, a sentiment that we later had many times over, as 'Otel' (Ertebrekers’ debut album, from 2016 already) turned out to be excellent cruising-material. Mellow, funky, laidback ... always a piece of summer in the glovebox.

It’s now 2018. The world is still turning at an incredible speed upon its own axis and shooting through the universe fast, boldly going where no one has gone before. The big question is if we are really going anywhere at all. Or are we just treading water? In the case of Ertebrekers: not at all. Flip Kowlier, Peter Lesage and Jeffrey Bearelle put their heads together again last summer, exchanged musical ideas ('Suddenly Jeffrey turned up with about 50 demos. Little ideas, he said’ – according to Kowlier), drank coffee, felt like eating ice cream, and got to work. The result? A new album. The title? 'Crème'. Out on 8 March 2019!

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