Mon 24.08.15

Christina Vantzou w/ The Chamber Players performing 'N°3' + Echo Collective plays 'Dauði Baldrs' (Burzum) + Colleen

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Contemporary (slightly damaged) classical finery


08:00 pm
Behind Colleen you will find French multi-instrumentalist Cécile Schott. Her favourite instrument is the focal point of her oeuvre: the viola da gamba. She combines this baroque instrument with samples and loops, resulting in minimal compositions. On her latest album ‘Captain Of None’, aside from her viola de gamba, her voice is also at the forefront - making this her most melodic album. Noteworthy: her love of dub (namely Lee Perry and Augustus Pablo) seeps through more noticeably than ever.


09:00 pm
ECHO COLLECTIVE plays ‘Dauði Baldrs’ (BURZUM) (us/d/b)
“We waren niet vertrouwd met het origineel, maar Echo Collective puurde er een repetitief maar majestueus concert uit, waarin, naast de violen, afwisselend xylofoons, een piano, een harp en een mijmerende klarinet het voortouw namen.”
(Knack Focus)

At the request of AB, Brussels residents Echo Collective – the string ensemble behind A Winged Victory For The Sullen – reworked Burzum’s concept album ‘Dauði Baldrs’ from ’97. In other words: one of the two dark ambient albums recorded by Norwegian black metal legend Varg Vikernes during his more than 15 year long incarceration for murder and arson. To this day, Burzum has never performed live and is certainly not planning to. You won't get any closer than this – sometimes poetic – interpretation of ‘Dauði Baldrs’ (meaning ‘the son of Baldr’ or: the second son of Odin in Norwegian mythology).

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