Sun 16.09.12

Baba Zula

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Turkish World Dance Delight - FREE!

After blowing the roof off the ABClub earlier this year, they really had to return for a wider and fitter audience. So now we have Baba Zula in the main hall and free of charge. At 3:00 pm already and that’s still in the afternoon. With all doors to the Steenstraat open, yet again, so that you can ride right inside.
As this is the third Sunday in September = Car Free Sunday over the entire area of the municipalities of Brussels = between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm, all bicycles can come and go as they please in the city.
You’ll be taking part too won’t you? With a recreational halt then, at 3:00 pm for BaBa ZuLa in the AB. After which there’ll still be enough time left to get home again before the cars disquietingly reappear.
By bike to BaBa ZuLa? That’s right. For this reason, in particular:
BaBa ZuLa (as that’s the best way to write it) is an artistic collective that doesn’t avoid a single musical, visual, or ritual risk. The ecstatic result is a turbulent show, with thanks to the belly-dancers (of course), the action painting, the insane orchestra and of course frontman Murat Ertel (who, especially with his saz, brings you an Oriental Zappa without equal).
It’s not fair to compare (and you can also think Les -Primus- Claypool) but let it be a guide for this rather mad show. Or should we make an attempt to describe it: psychobelly (sic)?
BaBa ZuLa has been around since the mid '90’s but broke through more internationally thanks to the important documentary 'Crossing The Bridge - The Sound Of Istanbul'. There suddenly seemed to be a swinging 'scene' on the Bosphorus!
Now there is also the new CD 'Gecekondu', this time with the collaboration of Asian Dub Foundation, Bugge Wesseltoft, Titi Robin... Gecekondu refers to spontaneously expanding city neighbourhoods. The CD should be released on the Essay label (the Shantel stables?) All a little too vague? Don’t doubt for a moment: better test it out live! And bike!

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