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Following previous work from artist Dennis Tyfus, graphic designer Jon Wozencroft (in house designer for Touch Music) and photographer Rob Walbers, it is now the turn of John Twells, who presents work from his very own label Type Records.
Type Records from England was established in 2003 by two like-minded souls, Stefan Lewandowski and John Twells. Stefan a well-known is graphic designer who operates under the motto: ’create something every day’. John Twells is, aside from label owner, also a musician who operates under the moniker XELA. Type Records specialises in qualitative, experimental, often electronic music and has released about fourty albums now,  from performers including Khonnor (also the most successful Type-album), Sanso-Xtro, Julien Neto, Midaircondo (from Sweden), Goldmund, Deaf Center (our very favourite, from Norway!), Mokira (the alter-ego of Andreas Tilliander from Sweden), the Swedish post-rock of Sickoakes and of course Xela himself.

Aside from the regular album releases, Type records has also launched – note the spelling! - the T7PE Series, a series of limited edition 7 inches which includes releases from like-minded Type-artists such as Machinefabriek or Paavoharju. These almost all appear in a cover recognizable by the red/white checked design. Lastly there is the TYEP Series with ‘shorter musical expressions’, usually EP’s.
Specialised music site Boomkat asked John Twells how important artwork was for the label: ”The artwork is really important, that was something we made sure of from very early on. I did however always say that each release had to have it's own personality, I didn't want a style so uniform that the releases would necessarily look like a 'set'. We've certainly set a certain mood across all of our releases to a degree. All I want is for the records to look really great, really high quality so that people will actually enjoy buying them and taking them home. I know what I want when I buy a record (which is very frequently, I am an addict) and I try to replicate that somewhat.”

The exhibition TYPE RECORDS AS PRESENTED BY JOHN TWELLS presents enlargements of Type record covers.

Other news

We are very worried about the situation and want to do our part in minimizing the outbreak of the virus. All the concerts up to and including the 31st of August will be suspended and if possible postponed to a new date.