These 7 artists were a total hit with the crowd at Pukkelpop and will be on stage in AB this autumn:

1. Madensuyu

De Morgen (****)
Layers and layers were created with drums and guitar, and even more layers, and yet another layer and up to four synth carpets, to create a phenomenal wall of sound which remained in place for a whole hour. It was like beer without foam and cigarettes. Contrariness and countertones. Craftsmanship and excitement.

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2. Angèle

De Morgen (***)
The crowd sings along to her hits, ‘La loi De Murphy’ and ‘Je veux tes yeux’, as if they were national evergreens which have been played on the radio for over fifty years. Angèle zig-zags between cute discopop, jazzy funk tunes which remind us of Patrice Rushen and Jamiroquai, and childish electro-chansons during which she bops up and down like mad.

Monday 26 november: Sold Out!
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3. Tamino

De Morgen (****)
Tamino at Pukkelpop: long live the uncomplicated beauty of a Greek island
Tamino did something really simple in the Marquee. He did what he was inherently born to do: to sing.

29 + 30 november: Sold Out!
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4. Whispering Sons

De Morgen (****)
Vocalist Fenne Kuppens was dressed all in white, contrasting nicely with the rest of the band. She arched over backwards at the first beat of the drums, showing us exactly how you dance to existential angst. It looked just right, even if you shut your ears.

Saturday 20 october: Sold out!

5. BeraadGeslagen

De Morgen: (****)
For the uninitiated: BeraadGeslagen is the musical combo of STUFF. drummer Lander Ghyselinck and De Beren Gieren keyboard player Fulo Ottervanger.
What did it sound like? Like a whirl of accelerated tunes of a carnival attraction. The elves of the Efteling on acid. Or something or other. Or like a Mo’ Wax groove that had been teleported to the present from the nineties.

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6. Novastar

De Morgen ****
Novastar opened with ‘Wrong’, of course Joost Zweegers opened with ‘Wrong’ – the song that makes you go all soft inside. Resistance is futile. A soldier with a sabre fighting a loveless air force.
Novastar concluded with ‘The Best Is Yet to Come’, of course Joost Zweegers ended his concert with ‘The Best Is Yet to Come’, the pamphlet for lovers who believe that they have yet to experience their best kiss ever.

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7. Yungblud

Oor: 21st Century Liability’s songs all sound right, whether they are a queer-friendly statement or contain a revolutionary protest message. Yungblud gets away with everything. Outstanding acne-ridden punk (this is Pukkelpop after all), and I really don’t mean this cynically. Yungblud is a star!

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Other news

We are very worried about the situation and want to do our part in minimizing the outbreak of the virus. All the concerts up to and including the 3rd of May will be suspended and if possible postponed to a new date.