The highlights of MENT Ljubljana

Kevin Mcmullan (Communication Manager)


Heading to Ljubljana especially to discover a band from your hometown, Ghent, imagine that! What energy, what madness! A band that stays interesting despite the constant use of vocoder on the vocals. And if you thought that Bohemian Rhapsody couldn’t be covered, think again. Go check them out!

To be seen in AB at the Coca Cola Sessions 28.04.18: Buy tickets


Karolien van Humbeeck (Concert Promoter)


Was it due to the Cold Wave band from Moscow that threw together every bad cliché in the genre? Was it the female garage band that was lovely to watch, but then with your fingers in your ears? Was it that Slovenian dude in overalls who was drowning in pathos?

The Belgians were head and shoulders above the rest. After Shht on Day 2, The Guru Guru won on Day 3! Wonderfully crazy noise, with a frontman who could not only sing but could also run away with a MIA for stage presence.

More of that!


Kurt Overberg (Artistic Director)


Superb, unique & inimitable: the Scottish (!) hip-hop of Young Fathers. We heard a foretaste of their soon to be released album ‘Cocoa Sugar’ and saw the irrefutable proof that they are sure to blow BRDCST away.

To be seen in AB on BRDCST 06.04.18: Buy tickets



Wonderful talk with BBC RADIO 6 icon who dares to play Colin Stetson or Nils Frahm at 11am in the morning. Now, that gets us all warm on the inside.



Some labels – Glitterbeat serves up wonderful, what they call, global vibrant sounds – are just so inspiring that you want to meet them. Their homebase is Ljubljana and the alliance with AB is instantly forged. Just take a look at the upcoming BRDCST concerts by BaBa ZuLa, Ammar 808 & The Maghreb Unit, Širom and Joshua Abrahams & Natural Information Society.

BaBa Zula : To be seen in AB at BRDCST 04.04.18: Buy tickets

Joshua Abrahams & Natural Information Society + Širom. To be seen in AB at BRDCST 05.04.18: Buy tickets

Ammar 808  & The Magreb Unit : To be seen in AB at BRDCST 08.04.18: Buy tickets

Other news

We are very worried about the situation and want to do our part in minimizing the outbreak of the virus. All the concerts up to and including the 3rd of May will be suspended and if possible postponed to a new date.