The 5 Le Freak's!

Here they are, the 5 winners that will play Le Freak on the same stage as Chic, during his concert in the AB on Monday June 13! And on top of that they will have a chance of winning a Fender Stratocaster!

--- 26 participants ---

It was great seeing so many entries in such short notice. In over a week we got to watch 26 versions of Le Freak. Don’t remember what the contest was about? Well you had to record a video of yourself playing the song Le Freak, the hit song of Chic. By doing this you had a chance of being one of the lucky five who gets to play on the same stage as Chic-guitarist Nile Rodgers. And maybe, just maybe, Nile would then pick YOU as the lucky one to receive a signed Fender Stratocaster!

And you know what happened? You all seemed really enthusiastic and the videos just kept coming until the last seconds of the contest.

--- 5 winners! ---

Today we had to choose the winners, which wasn’t an easy job. Our Facebook fans got to choose 2 winners themselves, by giving two people the most ‘thumbs up’. Those two people are ‘Nick Fransen’ and ‘Nicolas Demoulin’.

And after a LONG and heated deliberation our jury chose 3 other winners. These winners are ‘dasetim’, ‘Nico999’ and ‘Kent_1’. Congratulations! These 5 winners can take their chances of winning a Fender guitar. But first they have to “battle” on stage! To help them out, we give them all a free ticket to the concert of Chic on Monday June 13 and they don’t have to bring a guitar with them. That’s all taken care of. But the rest is up to them!

--- Thank you! ---

Thank you all for your fast, funny and ‘freaking’ good entries! You all are winners, ‘cause you all get eternal fame on the AB site. Here is the entire list of all the participants:


Facebook winners:

Nick Fransen (150 likes) 

Nicolas Demoulin (122 likes)

AB Jury:


Nicolas Othmezouri


And the rest: (Wido Uvin) (Michael Fiorentini) (Michiel Geluykens) (Jan Bellemans) (Basil Saen) (curtiz) (sugoke) (salocin30) (superspiderbat) (WintgenSerge) (joe-ritz) (PauDid) (xaviervanrillaer) (eriks) (WideO) (theeck) (robbe13397) (Kurosawa40) (Mr. Groove Street) (Brovniv) (Axiomos)

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