#smokefreeconcerts: the gig’s inside, the cigs stay outside

Everyone knows you’re not allowed to smoke at gigs. But if you do feel the urge to light up, keep it fun for everyone and do it outside.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be handing out #smokefreeconcerts wristbands at selected venues together with Kom op tegen Kanker. To encourage everyone – smokers and non-smokers alike – to do their bit to keep gigs smoke free. For more info and a list of upcoming concerts: www.smokefreeconcerts.be.

Why is it not ok to smoke in concert halls?
A concert hall is an enclosed public space. Smoking in public spaces was banned years ago to protect others from passive smoke. If you light up during a concert, you are not the only one smoking. Other concertgoers are also forced to inhale your unhealthy tobacco smoke. On top of that, you often encourage others to light up as well. So if you do feel the urge to smoke, do everyone a favour and do it outside.

The solution for #smokefreeconcerts
Because we really want to change things, we’re working together with Kom op tegen Kanker to champion the cause of non-smoking concert goers. United, we stand for #smokefreeconcerts, to keep the smoke outside, even if the band is on fire!

#smokefreeconcerts: where?
The #smokefreeconcerts can be found on our website and our social media channels but also at the concert venues themselves. Because Kom op tegen Kanker will be handing out free #smokefreeconcerts wrist bands at selected gigs. So we can all make a powerful statement: if you want to smoke, keep it fun for everyone and do it outside.


Thanks a lot in advance for your cooperation!

For more info and the full list of concerts where #smokefreeconcerts wristbands will be distributed, check out www.smokefreeconcerts.be.

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