Selda meets Selda, or: Belgian fan meets 70-year-old Turkish folk heroine.

Her letter was as disarming as it was sincere. Her father was such a big fan of the Turkish protest singer Selda – now 70 – that he decided to name his daughter after her. So that’s how the Belgian Selda came to ask if she could meet her idol after the AB concert of 24.05.2018. In other words: Selda meets Selda!

Kurt Overbergh: “Selda, why did your father name you after Selda?”

Selda Oru: “In 1980 there was a political ‘break’ in her life. Out of respect, my father named me after her. She is a strong woman! Many of her songs contain strong social criticism of the political system and she has always wanted to protect the poor and the working class. Her songs have a great deal of meaning, pureness, authenticity and truth. She conjures with words, combined with music and her powerful voice, it is perfect.”

Kurt: “Could Selda’s music often be heard at home?”

Selda: In the past, there were no Turkish broadcasters here and no shops where you could go to buy Turkish music. It was only after TRT (the first Turkish broadcaster in Belgium) and the antenna entered the picture, that we could sometimes see or hear Selda. I only really discovered Selda with the arrival of internet. I often sang along to her songs at home, or at least tried to.

Kurt: “How old were you when you really got to know the Selda’s music and it began to mean something to you?”

Selda: I think that I was about 15 when I heard that I was named after her, that’s when I started looking up her music. It was only later that I realized who Selda really is and what she stands for.

Kurt: “Is Selda as big a heroine for you as for your father?”

Selda: In the 1980’s – and even now – Selda was not only a heroine for my father but also a heroine for everyone who shared or shares the same ideology.

Kurt: “What did this meeting mean to you?”

Selda: To meet her in real life and to speak to her was incredible. I still can’t describe it. She has always been a heroine to me and will remain so in my heart. A woman who stands up and defends her opinion and never gives up, in spite of everything.

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