Oh putain! Le top du hiphop Belge

In 2016, the Belgian hip-hop scene took flight with Damso and Roméo Elvis at the forefront. ‘Bruxelles arrive’ became the hymn of a new generation of Brussels rappers (including Stikstof, Zwangere Guy, Hamza, Caballero & JeanJass, ISHA…) while hip-hop queen Coely and spoken-word artist Brihang grabbed attention from out of other parts of Flanders. Belgian hip-hop outgrew the underground scene and has since been making an impression at national and international festivals and in local and foreign media.

Check this out:

ICO - FRI 07.02
The new Brussels rap revelation

SWING – TUE 18.02
Phenomenal rapper from the Brussels trio L’Or du Commun presents second album

DVTCH NORRIS has established a cast iron live reputation over the past two years. With Ashley Morgan at his side as DJ & producer, the rapper from Antwerp has proved that he’s a fantastic performer that establishes super-energetic live shows. His warm hip-hop sound is a brilliant trip through soul, trap and funk.
According to Vice, Ashley Morgan is one of the most exciting new sounds in Belgian hip-hop. The producer from Hasselt began making music under the alias LTGL a few years ago. He was soon picked up by LeFtO and Gaslamp Killer. That was how he came to play at the legendary Low End Theory club and an exclusive Boiler Room set in the Atomium. Two years ago, he decided to focus on rapping. ‘LETGOLETGOLETGO’, his first EP under his own name, sounds unique and innovative. 

K1D – FRI 13.03
Local energetic hip hop

Antwerpian ready for (inter)national breakthrough

GLINTS – FRI 06.03
Album release party

ISHA – SAT 14.03
One of the masters of the raw Brussels rap sound

TAWSEN – SAT 21.11
Door het combineren van raï, pop en hiphop creëert de jonge zanger, Tawsen, zijn eigen ‘urban pop’-sound, die perfect de Brusselse diversiteit weerspiegelt.

ZWANGERE GUY – 29+30.04 + 01.05 – SOLD OUT
De baas van de Brusselse rap


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