Meet the artist! Who is The Armed?

They will soon be heading over to Europe for the first time and, on 24/02, they will appear in the AB Club. The Armed: complex guitar lines, atypical drum parts and screaming, lots of screaming. The mixed 5 from Detroit bear the name The Armed and set foot in Europe for the first time. They come to present their most recent album 'Only Love'.

In ‘Meet the artist’, we subject our artists to an intense cross-examination before they go on stage. 

AB: What do you do in everyday life?
The Armed: Hang out in the swamps of Detroit, MI.

AB: How old are you?
The Armed: The Armed is a large, vague collective of people. The youngest contributor to The Armed is in their early 20s. Oldest is in their early 50s.

AB: Who/What is your biggest musical influence?
The Armed: Bowie

AB: Do you come to AB and/or Brussels often?
The Armed: None of us have ever been, but we are excited to experience it.

AB: What are you expecting of your show in AB?
The Armed: We come with no expectations but we will bring chaos for all who attend, per usual.

AB: Are there special things listed on your rider?
The Armed: No. Will you honor them if we add them now? Can we get a bunch of a specific candle or something?

AB: What are you musical ambitions?
The Armed: To create meaningful experiences for people and hopefully make them happier.

AB: What was the best concert ever you ever played yourself and that of another band? What is your favourite album of 2018?
The Armed: Our favorite show we've ever played will happen Feb 24 at the Ancienne Belgique. Our favorite album of 2018 is ONLY LOVE by The Armed. Second favorite is VIRTUE by The Voidz.

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