Meet the artist! Who is POPPY AJUDHA?

22-year-old singer Poppy Ajudha grew up in a South-East London nightclub. As daughter of the owner, she came into contact with jazz, roots and rocksteady already at the age of 5. No wonder making music has become a natural reflex. Poppy Ajudha will play at AB on 21/3.  

In ‘Meet the artist’, we subject our artists to an intense cross-examination before they go on stage. 

AB: How did you start making music?
Poppy Ajudha: I’ve always sung since I was little but when I was around 13 I taught myself to play the guitar and that was the beginning of me composing all my own songs. Since then I’ve ventured into composing on the piano and producing on ableton and logic. 

AB: How would you describe your music?
Poppy Ajudha: Unique, socially conscious and powerful.

AB: Last year you released the EP ‘Femme’. Would you consider yourself a feminist?
Poppy Ajudha: Yes. Always. 

AB: We saw an album of Bobby Womack in your ‘Love Falls Down’ video. Is he one of your musical heroes? /Who are your musical examples?
Poppy Ajudha: I love lots of old music as this is what I grew up listening to. Bobby Womack, Al Green, Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Roy Ayers but lately there are so many amazing emerging artists I listen to a lot of current music like Solange, James Blake, Ravyn Lanae, Melanie Charles, Rosalia, Childish Gambino 

AB: What is your favourite album of 2019 so far?
Poppy Ajudha: James Blake - Assume Form

AB: You grew up in London with Caribbean roots. What influence does this have on your music?
Poppy Ajudha: My heritage is part of my identity, which informs my perspective of the world.. that will always come out in my music. 

AB: 2018 has been a busy year for you. You released 2 EPs and went on tour. What’s on your agenda for the next couple of months?
Poppy Ajudha: I’ve put so much work into this tour, curating the perfect show making, my own merch and collaborating with incredible artist Joy Miessi to create a unique tour experience. After the tour I can’t wait to release all the new music I’ve been working on! 

AB: What was the best concert ever you ever played and why?
Poppy Ajudha: My last headline show at Jazz Cafe. It was just so special to end the year with such a bang and share the moment with so many amazing musicians and fans around me.

AB: What can we expect from your show at AB?
Poppy Ajudha: STRONG VIBES. I’m so excited to play my first European headline shows and make new friends along the way, we are putting in everything we’ve got into them.

Buy your ticket for the Poppy Ajudha concert at AB on THU 21.03.19 HERE!

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