Meet the artist: who is Jadu Heart?

London duo, Jadu Heart, continues the tale of their masked alter-egos with the brand new ‘Melt Away’. ‘It’s basically the story of two characters – Dina & Faro – who get cursed in a temple’, Diva informs us during an interview for Wonderland Magazine. ‘Melt Away’ has a psy-pop, r&b and hip-hop influenced sound that is both dreamy and dark. At AB on 27.02! Info & tickets: HERE!

In ‘Meet the artist’, we subject our artists to an intense cross-examination before they go on stage.

How did you start making music? 
We both started when we were younger, originally writing songs on guitar then teaching ourselves how to produce in our early teens. Eventually we got to a point where we could self-produce all our music and I think that’s when our sound really developed. Were kind of jack of all trades master of none type people, neither of us can read music, but we’ve never found that got in the way of experimenting.  

How would you describe your music? What’s the story behind the masks? 
Trippy is the word that comes to mind usually. We both love experimental left field music and tones of pop music, we are always changing and evolving and experimenting with different genres just to keep ourselves engaged and passionate. Our releases so far have a mix of tones of different genres, electronic, r&b, rock, hip hop, psychedelic folk… etc.. We just took all the stuff we loved and mixed in a big pot and sprinkled our special Jadu sauce on top. Delicious. 

The masks are representative of our alter egos that we often write from the perspective off, as we’re just starting to release our new record “Hyper Romance” we’re starting to come out from behind them a bit as we wanted to try something new and tell the story of the album from our perspective. Although there will always be a part of the beasts locked away deep inside, like a shadow that always follows.  

What inspired/inspires you guys?
It’s hard to answer really, everything would be the realest answer but probably the most boring. Each record is different and often is inspired by films, books, paintings just as much as other artists and bands.

What’s the best part about London?
London is a crazy place, it’s a sea of beings going 100mph all day and night. London gave us an opportunity to take music seriously although there’s plenty of reptiles about, gotta watch out for those. We now live in Bristol where we found a great community of artists who take life a little slower but push boundaries in art and music further than any city I’ve been to. 

What was the best concert you ever played and why? 
It’s hard to decide, when you playing and out of your normal mind it’s almost like you’re in a dream, losing your shit in what’s going on, all the shows we do feel special and euphoric. 

What can we expect from your show at AB?
It’s the first time we get to play our show with a drummer so it’s going to be loud and noisy. Becky and the Birds is supporting us and she’s fucking amazing. But mainly we want people to feel like we do when we play, connected to the dream like state and come out the end as if re surfacing from a surreal but wonderful trip. 

What is your favourite album of 2019?

(Sandy) Alex G - House of sugar… Probably 

Which artists would make it in the line-up if you would organize your own festival and why?

Yves Tumor (Best live show we’ve seen in years) 

Dean Blunt (One of the most influential artists around)

Jai Paul (We saw him play in some secret shows in London and I think its devastating that the world may never see it, but we respect his decisions as an artist)

Haley Heynderickx’s (Best modern folk we heard)

Wovoka Gentle (Criminally underrated band from U.K.) 

Goon (Favourite band from America at the moment) 

Giant Swan - (Secret intense late night show for the hardcore) 

5tatic - Afterparty Dj Set  - (Young guy from London killing it) 

All we would sell is pot noodles and scrumpy cider, damn, heaven. 


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