In the spotlight: SX visits AB

High-profile visitors today in AB. Stefanie and Benjamin from SX headed down to AB from far-afield Kortrijk to record an acoustic AB Session!

On Friday 10/5 SX will appear in AB for the 4th time, and it is now 7 years since they performed here for the first time. “It was really impressive for us to play here back then. Everything was still so new. We hadn’t really been discovered yet, nobody knew us. We were so nervous when we had to go on stage.”

Their 3rd album was released at the end of 2018: EROS. The positive responses were unanimous from press and friends alike. “Everyone says that EROS is our best album, and we think so too. We still really sound like SX, but over the years we have developed much more craftsmanship and, of course, learned a lot. The finest words came from HUMO: this is an album that grows with each listen, so that by the end of the week it can’t fit through my front door anymore.”

Their own musical influences are very varied.  Stefanie’s super-influence is Rachel Farrell, but she really likes to listen to jazz, pop and rock too. Benjamin likes to listen to techno and house, but also rock. “My very first show-and-tell was about ‘The Prodigy’. Back in the day, there were rockers and housers… I was both. Those influences can most likely be found in SX too.”

SX has also performed abroad often: Italy, Brazil, Poland, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, … Their favourite place, to date, is Istanbul. “Everyone sings along enthusiastically there. The vibe is really upbeat. But the best show is yet to come, of course, at AB!”

 All the concerts in Belgium are now sold-out, luckily there are still a few tickets for their show in AB. Tickets can be found HERE!


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