From North Korea to Palau: the whole world is watching ABtv

In keeping with tradition, at the start of the new year we take a look back at the one just gone.  In 2017, not only did we receive around 300,000 physical visitors, but a large number of music lovers from all around the world took a peek inside our red venue in the heart of Europe, generating 4,630,000 views: another record. By the way, when we say ‘the whole world’ you can take it literally: there is not a single country in the world without someone who has watched a concert on ABtv.

Of course, the most faithful viewers are from Belgium (20%), followed by the USA (15%), France(11%), Germany (6%) and the Netherlands (5%). However, even in distant, godforsaken corners of the globe, people have clicked on a ‘live at AB’ at some time. For example, Tonga, Vanuatu, Sao Tome & Principe or Palau … Anyone?

We were the least popular in Saint Helena (Google it!), where just one person saw that it’s not yet nor de wuppe with Het Zesde Metaal feat. Brihang. We have recently found out that Chassol has a fan in the Vatican and we wonder whether the North-Korean who watched 27 minutes of Sam Smith is still allowed to sing.

The most-viewed concert in 2017 was Oscar & The Wolf with 180,000 viewers – bringing the total for that concert so far to 1.3 million – followed by Wilco and internet sensation Vulfpeck. Not only was this live stream watched live by 10,000 viewers, it had received  100,000 views within a week of the show.

The AB Sessions are still popular, with almost half a million views online and weekly on Bruzz TV. The most-viewed session in the last year? That was Bazart, with around 120,000 views.

We are increasingly seeing a shift in video views on YouTube towards Facebook, where we had almost 1.5 million views in 2017. We reached the end of December with several record streams via Facebook Live: the live stream of Charlotte De Witte during Neon reached 100,000 views and the Ideale Wereld the next day over 50,000. 

We received 15 online visitors for every physical visitor to AB. Hopefully they will all come and visit us at AB sooner or later. 

Thanks for watching.


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