Come to Repair Café on Saturday 10.10.20 and give your broken stuff a new lease of life

Have you got a broken stereo, bike, guitar, kitchen appliance or even a hole in your knee? We’ll try to fix as much stuff as we can together on Saturday October 10 in AB.

The goal of Repair Café?  Sparing the environment, sharing repair knowledge, and strengthening the social cohesion in the neighbourhood by organizing repair meet-ups. Wonderfully low-key and the perfect moment to fix your broken stuff together with the experienced repairers.

These days, there is so much stuff that is made to break and repairing things often costs more than simply buying new again. So that’s how big business plunders your pockets and the environment. Fortunately, many appliances are easy to repair, so be sure to drop by between 12pm and 5pm in AB.

More info HERE !

See you there!

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