BRDCST presents: Ben Bertrand

Brussels composer nods to Terry Riley with minimalistic soundscapes

Brussels composer/musician Ben Bertrand released the unbelievably beautiful album ‘NGC 1999’ in 2018 on the label of art centre Les Ateliers Claus. On this masterly miniature, Bertrand manipulates his bass clarinet melodies with a battery of effect pedals, thus creating otherworldly, dreamy compositions that wouldn’t be out of place amongst the best work of Gavin Bryars or Jon Hassell. Minimalists like Steve Reich and Terry Riley are never far removed. Ben Bertrand has previously played at the likes of Le Guess Who?, the Amsterdam World Minimal Music Festival, and in AB as support for sound sensation Senyawa.

Ben Bertrand will perform at BRDCST festival on April 6th at AB Salon. Buy your ticket HERE !

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