ABXPO: 'Seven Years with Atmosphere & Rhymesayers'

In August 2011 it was exactly 30 years since the release of debut ‘Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash’ by American rock band The Replacements. It is a point of reference in musical history that AB makes good use of to present a number of concerts, film screenings, exhibitions and readings in the 2011-2012 season, all under the title
‘Minneapolis, Mon Amour’. Homebase Minneapolis now appears to have been a free port for idiosyncratic musical developments, far away from hip cultural hubs like New York and San Francisco. Aside from indie-rock (the already mentioned Replacements, Soul Asylum, Hüsker Dü), hip-hop is also one of the highlights there. Labels like Twin/Tone and Rhymesayers and concert hall First Avenue (just call it the local AB) all play an important role in this unique tale.

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