AB and PHL collaborate

What happens when a leading pop & rock temple and Flanders' only pop & rock school get together? Then AB and PHL-music each search for a win-win situation that benefits both partners.

The AB's surname is Music House. That means that we're talking about more than just any old concert venue. The AB also aims to be an inspirer of new talent, breeding ground for the imagination, conciliator of desire and ability, demolisher of established walls and imagined borders. Music House AB aims to be a place in which strengths are united. This music house unites concert venue, recording studio, care for the environment, meeting place for a broad audience and, since recently, also the collaboration with PHL-Music - the unique and professional Bachelor in Pop & Rock music.

The Provincial University of Limburg Dept. PHL-Music from Hasselt and the Ancienne Belgique from Brussels unite and engage in a structural four-year collaboration. Via this collaboration, the innovative, creative and educative character of a university training in pop and rock finds its professional doppelganger in AB, the place where 'it' effectively happens. The exchanging of expertise, knowledge, competence and ability will have a strengthening effect for both parties and makes it possible for students of the Dept. PHL-Music to gain practical educational experience within the renowned infrastructure and know-how of the Ancienne Belgique. Under guidance, students can get a taste of a seasoned organisation and thus convert their theoretical school knowledge into practical experience.

By creating a synergy between AB - as important player in the cultural sector - and PHL-Music, both organisations hope to strengthen the entrepreneurial and networking character and to provide an example of what cross-sector collaborations - between the educational and cultural sector - can amount to in practice.

It's the start of an exceptional cross-pollination of theory and practice, between learning and implementation, and will provide new insights for both partners, AB and PHL-Music.


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