8 different supports for 8 concerts of dEUS

Commendable! During the 8-day residence to perform their classic ‘The Ideal Crash’ completely, as a part of the ◄◄ REWIND series, dEUS has deliberately decided to spotlight a different Belgian band every day. So what’s new? At the time, dEUS was already a pioneer in favouring Belgian bands to take along on (international) tours. Think: Evil Superstars, Soulwax, Balthazar, Admiral Freebee, Absynthe Minded, Black Box Revelation or The Hickey Underworld. And it is in that same spirit that dEUS again gives young talent a chance, eight times in a row. All hail!

So the totally genuine garage-rock of SONS shall resound and Sylvie Kreusch – after Soldier's Heart and Warhaus – will prove that she’s on the right road to becoming a grande dame of Belpop. Tristan – who says she deals in ambient pop – already opened the sold-out Tamino concert series last year and will now do the honours on that same Main Stage for dEUS. Ghent/Antwerp’s Newmoon then balances on the exciting boundary between post-punk, shoegaze & dream-pop, and Vito describes itself as Belgicana: ‘a mix of Patti Smith and Kurt Vile in the disco after closing time.’

Jaguar Jaguar sold out the AB Club in their own right earlier this year with their unusual and danceable electro-pop, and fans of ominous voodoo gospel and psychedelic desert blues are in the right place with Crayon Sun (the latest project of Aldo Struyf). Lastly, with Arabnormal, dEUS presents the brand new project of Younes Faltakh and Jonas Govaerts (both: The Hickey Underworld) that is best described as ‘Flying carpet music journey to the orient and back.’

Who plays when?

Monday May 20:       dEUS + SONS

Tuesday May 21:          dEUS + Sylvie Kreusch

Wednesday May 22:     dEUS + Tristan

Thursday May 23:    dEUS + Newmoon

Friday May 24:           dEUS + Vito

Saturday May 25:        dEUS + Jaguar Jaguar

Sunday May 26:           dEUS + Crayon Sun

Monday May 27:       dEUS + Arabnormal

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