Win tickets for The Colorist Orchestra & Gabriel Rios at AB on 22.01

The eight-member collective encompassing Aarich Jespers and Kobe Proesmans captivates and distinguishes itself  with a doubly innovative vision: on the one hand there’s the unique collaboration with a specific singer-songwriter and on the other there is the combination of quirkily used classic instruments with a rather unusual and eclectic instrumentation.

The fundamental idea behind The Colorist Orchestra is the reworking, the ‘re-arranging’ of the repertoire of a specific artist.

Having already joined forces with Emiliana Torrini (Iceland), Cibelle (Brazil), Lisa Hannigan (Ireland), Sumie Nagano (Sweden) and Howe Gelb (USA), this time the ensemble has invited citizen-of-the-world Gabriel Rios. 

The Colorist & Gabriel Rios appear on 22/01 at AB. You can find more info and tickets HERE!


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