Thu 24.08.17

Zwangere Guy en Ertebrekers

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Brussels in da house, West Flemish in da hotel!?

ZWANGERE GUY with an opening in the park! Some know him as Gorik van Oudheusden, but this really is new Brussels hip hop and probably also known from the Stikstof collective? They’re language virtuosos and visual show-offs, and they stand jauntily in the here and now! If need be, Guy himself declares in enjoyable interviews: ‘Nog alle tijd om Guyschiedenis te schrijven.’

ERTEBREKERS, not to be confused with ertefretters (worriers), quite the opposite: a fun funk, hip-hop, soul ‘hezèlskap’! They sing fabulously about ‘De Zji’, even though they hail from the West Flemish countryside. Mainstays are Jeffrey Jefferson, Flip Kowlier and Peter Lesage but Maaike Cafmeyer has also made contributions in the studio and yet they seem to prefer ‘Eva Mendes’!? Unusual, but always considerate for those who want to cover their ‘broken heart’: they also have t-shirts! The debut by these ‘Heartbreakers’ is entitled ‘Otel’!

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